Top 10 Most Dangerous Things People Do With Their Smartphone

Smartphones Houses Everyone’s Privacy and Money

we do not need someone to give us a long speech or lecture before we know that our smartphones house things that mean a lot to us. Ranging from financial apps, and websites to our social networks and private stuff.

Some of us might have had our social media accounts hacked, at times, this is due to our carelessness other times the hacker is just smarter than we are.

But talking about being careless, we have to understand that keeping our social media accounts logged in might hurt us in an unexpected way.

I have a friend that has his facebook account hacked, the hacker used his account to promote adult contents.

He received many calls from different people, asking what’s up with him and why he posted stuff like that, believe me, he got tired of explaining himself.

So the infographic from DjiBestBuy introduce us the tips protecting your smartphone being hacked.

Dangerous Things People Do

There are many things we do regularly which put our smartphones at risk. I will talk about some of those things in this paragraph.

The first one is sharing our personal details to fraudster who pose to be calling from your bank.

Many people have suffered from this; this fraudster might sound convincing enough to make you believe you are actually talking with someone from your bank.

The solution here is to make sure that you do not disclose any detail or whatever to anyone over the phone, if there is any problem go to the bank and speak with the bankers physically.

Protect Your Bubble’s data confirms that 27% of identity theft is caused from phone related and banking fraud cases.

Do make sure you do not reveal any of your sensitive information to a strange person that calls you, regardless of what they say or how convincing they sound, confirm from your bank first.


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