Top 5 Android Parental Control Apps

Modern technology has been integrated with the human’s DNA. Now in this contemporary world, everyone is full dependent on technological creatures such as android smartphones, tablets and pads, and many others alike. The young teenagers are obsessed with the usage of modern technology in the shape of android cell phones no time ever before.

However, when youngsters spend most of the leisure time on these tech gadgets, they possibly got some sort of serious health issues and as well as issues in their social lives. We have accumulated top 5 android parental control apps for parents to protect their kids and teens from the horrific digital world.

1. TheOneSpy Android parental control app:

Top 5 Android Parental Control Apps
Having android cell phones in kids and teens hands, parents are always thinking to set parental control on activities they perform all day long within the digital world. TheOneSpy spy app for cell phone including android smartphone would be the best option for parents if the parents are ready to spy on their kids and teens activities. The contemporary android parental control app has more than 250 features which help you out to protect your kids from all dangers you name it.
The android spy app enable users to save browsing history, monitor IM’s Social Media, view multimedia files, spy on messages, spy on calls, track GPS location, Bug their phone, key logger and plenty of remotely phone control features for parents to secure their kids from all dangers and nightmares their kids are facing in online world. Parents can save their kids from cyber bullies, watching carnal content, health issues, and stalkers and from pedophiles.

2. Kids place android parental control app:

Top 5 Android Parental Control Apps
It enables parents to save their personal data as well as empower parents to restrict kids/teens to view your approved content on android devices. This particular Android parental control app enables parents to put restrictions on inappropriate websites, apps, making calls and those activities which may consume your credit card.
Parents are also enabling to put their cell phone devices on kid’s mode when kids and teens start using the devices. The android app has a number of groundbreaking features such as parents can allow only to their kid’s appropriate apps, time settings to lock or unlock apps, allow more than one user profile, block incoming calls when the kid’s mode is activated. It also allows parents to disconnect all wireless signals when the android app is running, customize the wallpapers and user can change any kind of android cell phone, tablet, and pad on kids mode.

3. Kids zone android parental control app:

Top 5 Android Parental Control Apps
This particular android parental control app is very friendly in usage and also in installation. Always make sure to tap on installation button, after that go for making the profile of a child and also you can add child safe mode into it.
Now carefully select wallpapers and create a pin for the sake of locking the android device. The android parental app allows parent to lemmatize kid’s screen time which would be very helpful parents to fix an android device screen time.

4. Android Limited Kid’s screen time with timeouts app:

Top 5 Android Parental Control Apps
The android app empowers parents to fix an android device screen time limit. Once the time limit comes to an end then it automatically turns the table over and kids aren’t able to view their running stuff on the android device.
The android app allows users to create multiple profiles to restrict them; the user can also count the screen time in order to know how much time is left for kids to off the screen time. The user can customize each of their kids and teen’s profile, quick lock feature empowers parents to abruptly pick incoming calls on android devices. It is user-friendly and has state of the art features to set a parental control.

5. MM Guardian Android parental control app:

Top 5 Android Parental Control Apps
MM Guardian is one of the most popular android parental control apps, parents just need to install the android app on their phone. It allows parents to remotely tackle the entire configuration of their kids and teen’s phone.
Let’s suppose parents don’t make an account on MM guardian account, then parents have to register android parental app initially on kid’s device. The android parenting app has plenty of features such as monitor texts, the web, call, apps usage logs of your kid’s device remotely. It also enables parents to track the exact location of kids through the device with the help of the map.


These are the top five best android parental control apps which very help for parents to parenting with utmost care. The android apps have plenty of state of the art features which have the power to secure your children from all digital dangers.

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