Top 5 Cool Gadgets of 2017

We’re living in the generation of technology. We’re surrounded by a ton(s) of technologies and gadgets.


This is not the first time you’ve heard, and won’t be the last.


In the past few years, science has almost changed the entire face of World that you might never expect to have in upcoming futures. As a science freak, and tech enthusiast, you might be probably curious to get a list of cool gadgets that you could have in your house right now, isn’t it?


If so, this is the post you may want to read from initial to end. Here we are sharing a list of top 5 cool gadgets.


Let’s dive in.



1. Parrot Disco

 Parrot Disco

Drones have made a massive impact on CES this year, but one of the biggest gadgets that were noticed the most was Parrot Disco. The parrot disco has been quite famous within a very short period after its launching date. Since every drone has two wings, this drone has the same amount of arms as well. With just a small force of toss up in the air, this drone will stay afloat for about 45 minutes. It comes with a 1080p HD Camera and it’s speed is 50mph.


2. Razer Blade Stealth

Razer Blade Stealth

Okay, I am willing to bet here that you’re familiar with Razer Blade Stealth as long as you’re a gamer. Razer laptop had been trying to be assumed as ultra fast gaming notebook but all the gamers out there, but 2017 is the year, probably be the year of its actual success. Razer Blade Stealth has everything, which you, as a gamer you’ve been looking for every notebook.


3. Samsung Notebook 9

 Samsung Notebook 9

People’s eyeballs have been putting on Samsung company as the copycat of Apple’s each step, and hence in Notebook 9 too. Heck, even, Samsung Notebook 9 is fragile in shape, with incredible features like i7 processor, 8GB of massive RAMs, & 256GBs of SSD. The sole thing that I’d never like about Samsung Notebook 9 is its 1080p display. Nonetheless, when it comes to comparing it features to its price, trust me, it’s worth it.


4. DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner

 DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner

It’s vital to track what you’re eating as a diet, but it more important for those folks who have diabetes. By having this tenny-tinny gadget, you’ll be benefited in a lot of ways. First off, the massive advantage of this device is that it tracks the chemical makeup of any food that you’re about to eat. It also analyzes if you should eat this food or not.


5. Livestream Movi

Livestream Movi

We’re surrounded by webcams almost everywhere we put our feet on. But guess unique on this Livestream Movi? The answer is it because it lets you record live videos at a 4k display, plus you can also connect this webcam right to your iPhone.

It allows you to edit the video you’ve created. And all you can get all these features just for the small price of $399.



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