Top 5 Telecom Companies That Changed The Dynamics Of The Industry

Can you think of a life with no broadband and airtime? I know it’s tough because everyone is dependent on the telecom services, and imagining life without being able to connect with anyone at a moment’s notice is a scary thought.

Be it accessing the web or speedily sending a text message across the world in a millisecond, it is a part of this technically revolutionized world. In simple words, connectivity is an inseparable part of everyone’s life, and eliminating it can put everything on hold.

Maybe, this is the reason that the telecom industry has witnessed a massive and impressive development in the last two decades. With the notable changes, it has deconstructed the telecom world and given it a completely new picture.

Telecom Companies

And, all this has given origin to various telecom companies that are an indispensable part of this dramatic change. Let’s have a look at the top 5 telecom firms that have grabbed headlines with their colossal profit figures in 2015.


1. China Mobile Ltd.

  • Country: China
  • Sales: US$ 104.1 billion
  • Profits: US$ 17.7 billion
  • Assets: US$209 billion
  • Market Value: US$ 271.5 billion

The first on the list is China Mobile Ltd., which is not only one of the leading firms in China, but is also among the ones that are ruling the world. This firm believes in a simple philosophy – “Be the change you want in the world”. And, it is reflected through its jaw-dropping yearly profit figures; its market price ($280 billion) is a statement in itself.

Between 2013 and 2014, it experienced a 22.3% revenue increase in its data services. Even the sales of the non-telecommunication products also gained huge popularity during the same time frame with an increase from 39 million RMB to 59 million RMB.


2. Verizon Communications Inc.

  • Country: United States
  • Sales: US$ 127.1 billion
  • Profits: US$ 9.6 billion
  • Assets: US$ 232.7 billion
  • Market value: US$ 202.5 billion

This is one the largest telecommunication companies in the United States. Its 2015 market value was estimated at $202.5 billion, and sales weighed at $127.1 billion. It was born in 2000 due to the merger between Bell Atlantic Corp and GTE Corp.

The major turning point in the history of this firm was 2014 when it took over 45% of Vodafone’s interest stake. Verizon has 110.8 million wireless retail connections and operates in 150 countries.

3. AT&T Inc.

  • Sales: US$ 132.4 billion
  • Profits: US$ 6.2 billion
  • Assets: US$ 292.8 billion
  • Market value: US$ 173 billion

AT&T Inc. is counted among the leading telecommunication companies in the U.S. with the market value of $173 billion. It provides voice services in more than 225 countries and operates over 34,000 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Things don’t end here; it has 110 million wireless subscribers. In 2006, it acquired Bell South. And I can’t really miss talking about May 2014 when it purchased DirecTV for $48.5 billion, which added a bundle of new services to its various packages.


4. Vodafone Group plc

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Sales: US$ 66.3 billion
  • Profits: US$ 77.4 billion
  • Assets: US$ 200.5 billion
  • Market value: US$ 88 billion

It is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and has taken over a major portion of telecom firms’ shares. The biggest proof of this statement is their customer base – 446 million customers. Yes! You read it right.

To a great extent, the credit for its success goes to its out-of-the-box marketing strategies. From 2012 to 2014, it acquired three companies – Kabel Deutschland, Ono, and Cables & Wireless Worldwide. I must say that it was an absolutely smart move to capture a major market share. This firm is the most valued brands in the UK, and it hosts mobile operation in 26 countries.


5. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation

  • Country: Japan
  • Revenue: ¥11.095 trillion (2015)
  • Net Income: ¥518 billion (2015)
  • Assets: ¥20.702 trillion (2015)
  • Market value: 96.7 billion

Founded in Japan – ‘Endless Discoveries’ where fast internet service providers are many, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation has created a rock-solid customer base with its incredible services. Japanese companies are known to spend heavily to attain the newest internet technology, and this environment has boosted this firm’s prevalence.

Unlike any other firm, it derives much of its business from the fiber internet connections rather than a bundle of packages. And, in coming years, it is just looking ahead to be the number one in the market with its services.

A revolution has stormed the telecom industry that has changed everything, but only on the sweeter side. And, these 5 companies are the new leaders of this industry who are setting new benchmarks for the market every minute. Being an active mobile user, I have witnessed the changes, and I am definitely enjoying them like any other user.

The pace of drastic change in the telecommunications industry is refusing to slow down. The users are likely to head into more interesting times in the future, and I completely believe in this statement. Stay connected!

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