Top 7 Strong Reasons To Use Windows 10 OS

Microsoft Windows 10 OS is designed to go with you seamlessly from one device to another and Windows 10 OS is fast and responsive. With Windows 10 OS, it is easier than ever to do great things. Windows 10 OS combines the Windows you already know and adds great improvements.

Technologies like InstantGo let you boot up and resume quickly. And Windows 10 OS has more built-in security features than ever to help protect against malicious software and viruses.

Here are Top 7 Strong Reasons To Use Windows 10 OS at your home or Offices.


1. Multi Tasking

multitasking windows 10

Multi-task like a master with the ability to snap four things on the screen at once. Screen getting crowded? Create virtual desktops to get more space and work with just the items you want. Plus, all your notifications and key settings are collected on one easy-to-reach screen.


2. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the browser built for Windows 10 OS. It is the all-new browser designed to make the web work the way you do. Write or type directly on webpages and share your mark-ups with others. You will like the reading view that clears away distractions.

3. Most Comprehensive Security

windows 10 security

As the most secure Windows yet, Windows 10 OS delivers comprehensive protection – including anti-virus, firewall, Windows Defender and anti-phishing technologies – all delivered built-in at no extra cost to you. Windows 10 OS provides full suite of built-in security features. You are covered by security updates that are always enabled, from your very first boot up through the supported lifetime of your device.

  • Windows Defender is your anti-virus security solution that delivers comprehensive and real-time protection against software threats across email, cloud and web.
  • Windows Firewall is network protection, designed to prevent hackers and malicious software from gaining access to your PC.
  • Parental controls help keep your kids safe across all of your family’s devices, including Xbox, Windows 10 PCs, tablets and mobile devices
  • Windows built-in encryption to protect your device by scrambling your data to help keep it secure. If your device is lost or stolen, your data stays safer from unauthorised access.


4. Gaming & XBOX

windows 10 Gaming & XBOX

Play great new Xbox games on Windows 10 OS in native 4K resolution and Stay connected to your gaming community with the Xbox app. Play where you want with in-home streaming and Xbox Play Anywhere.

5. Cortana

Windows 10 Cortana

Cortana is your truly personal digital assistant who works across all your Windows 10 OS devices to help you get things done. By learning more about you over time, Cortana becomes more useful every day, staying transparent and keeping your trust.


6. Best Apps Built For Doing:

Windows 10 Apps

Get your favourites fast in the Windows Store, the one-stop shop on your PC, tablet, phone and Xbox One and Easily find and acquire popular free and paid apps, desktop software, PC and Xbox games, films, and the latest music and etc.


7. Other Fun Features:

windows 10 features

  1. Sticky Notes with Cortana: Sticky Notes enables you to capture and save a brilliant thought or jot down an important detail. Now integrated with Cortana, Sticky Notes lets you set reminders that flow across your device
  2. Dark Mode: Instantly change your apps from light to dark mode – great for low-light conditions like working at night or on a plane.
  3. Music Controls in lock screen: If you have music playing when you lock your device, you can now control playback right from your lock screen. Keep listening without missing a beat.
  4. Emoji Keyboard: The new emoji keyboard features a new font and categories of expressive and playful emoji, with more fidelity and skin tone options. Available for 25 languages.
  5. Use Laptop like Tablet: Tablet Mode delivers a smooth, touch-first experience on your tablet, 2-in-1 or touchscreen laptop. Apps scale smoothly and onscreen features adapt for easy navigation.



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