How to Treat Your Skin Issues Using Garlic

Most of the us have read volumes about health’s benefits of garlic but seldom do we discuss about the skin benefits of garlic.

Well, it contains healing properties and medicinal benefits and why not use it as a topical treatment and your skin will look very healthy and very young when garlic is used on it.

The anti oxidants present in it can keep your skin young reduce pimples and as garlic can also flush out toxins when consumed, your skin will look clear and eating garlic on empty stomach is good and Now, let us discuss about the best benefit of garlic for skin.

Here are 5 Best Tips for Treat Your Skin Issues With Using Garlic.


1. For Acne

treat pimples issues
How to Treat Your Pimples Issues With Using Garlic

Garlic can cure acne as it has anti bacterial action and you can simply rub garlic on the affected areas to get rid of pimples.


2. For Athlete’s Foot

cure athlete's foot
How to Treat Your Skin Issues With Using Garlic

To cure athlete’s foot, you can add garlic to a basin of water and place your feet in it for 10 to 15 minutes and its anti fungal action can heal your feet.

3. To Treat Sores

Treat Sores
How to Treat Your Skin Issues With Using Garlic

If you are suffering form sores, then apply garlic paste on them to reduce the swelling and it helps you by Sores.


4. For Wrinkles

reduce wrinkles
How to Reduce Wrinkles Issues With Using Garlic

Garlic when mixed with the olive oil and aloe vera gel can heal your skin and reduce wrinkles.

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5. To Treat Rashes.

Treat Rashes
How to Treat Rashes Issues With Using Garlic

As garlic contains anti inflammatory properties, and it can also cure skin rashes when its used as a topical treatment.

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