Truecaller Will Now Let Users Record Calls, But There’s a Catch

Truecaller, the callerID app made by the Swedish firm is now giving users the option to record voice calls using the app. The company talked about this feature in one of the support pages, giving details on what version it would run on and how one can record calls.

“Call recorder is finally here. It’s a feature request which we see every day so it’s not a question to not add it, you name it and we deliver!” said the support page. The firm says that all the recorded voice calls will be saved in the device and is not uploaded on Truecaller’s servers. It reassured that the company “does not read/process your recordings. We respect your privacy.” Truecaller would need the storage access permission to store the recordings in the device.

The feature, however, is not for everyone. Truecaller says that only Android users who have Android 5.0 or later version can use this feature. Surprisingly, the feature is also not supported on some Android 7.1.1 Nougat Devices. These include Nexus devices, Pixel devices, and Moto G4.


In addition, the company is giving 14-day trial for this feature after which users will have to purchase it. It is worth noting that recording using Bluetooth may not always work. “It is recommended to record directly for best results.”

You won’t get an option to back up the call recordings on Cloud at this point. But this may arrive in future as hinted by Truecaller on its support page. The company also said that one cannot move the recordings to SDcard at this point.

The page also says that OS upgrades may interfere with this feature. In such cases one can reinstall the app after which it should work fine.

In the updated app, users can search for this feature in some simple steps. Press the three-line menu on the upper left corner, open settings followed by Truecaller call recording and enable “Record calls”.

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Truecaller Will Now Let Users Record Calls

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