U-lock vs Chain lock: Which is best?

U-locks and heavy duty security chain locks and are undoubtedly the simplest way to shield your bike. And ideally, you’d use one of each. however, if you’re only getting to buy one lock, that is the best, a chain or a U-lock?

U-lock vs chain lock! this can be a heatedly debated topic and you may hear strident opinions from each side! however, the reality is, it’s fairly easy and depends on however you’re getting to use the lock…

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If you’re craving for a portable lock to secure your bike within the street a day, then you’re probably best off with a U-lock. Whereas if you’re solely looking for a lock to protect your bike reception or at work, then the simplest selection may be a thick, top quality chain lock.Why? Well, if we compare the locks for easy use, security, and value all can become clear.

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however before we begin, we’d like to divide chain locks into 2 distinct teams. those who are light enough to hold around on your bike every day. and those that are therefore significant that you just generally need to leave them in one place (usually at home or at work).

This is as a result of chain locks may be really, extremely significant. absolutely the most thickness for a portable chain is twelve mm. clearly, the length of the chain is vital too. (And at twelve mm only the shortest chains are portable!)

But normally, chains that are but twelve mm thick are lightweight enough to hold around on your bike a day. whereas chains that are quite twelve mm thick are for stationary security solely.

chain locks

There are some security problems that are specific to every kind of lock. however before we have a tendency to point out those, let’s check out one that affects them both…

One of the foremost common ways in which each chain locks and U-locks are defeated is with bolt cutters. Bolt-cutters are available a variety of various sizes, from 8″ models that may slot in a pocket, up to 42″ monsters that are virtually not possible to hide. whereas only a few bike thieves use the largest 42″ bolt cutters, a number of the additional unionized gangs do. and also the 36″ cutters area unit normally employed by all styles of bike thieves.

The thicker the lock, the additional resistant it’s to bolt cutters. And if you wish to be fully certain your bike lock can’t be defeated by bolt cutters, you usually would like a series or a U-lock shackle that’s a minimum of sixteen mm thick. as a result of at sixteen mm, smart quality, properly hardened steel is just too thick to be cropped by any manual bolt cutters.


For example, the Kryptonite big apple Lock standard U-lock and also the Almax Immobiliser Series III chain are each sixteen mm thick. therefore neither may be cropped by bolt cutters. however simply check out the burden difference! whereas the Kryptonite lock is four.35 lb (1.97 kg), the Almax is over double as significant at nine.15 lb (4.15 kg). And that’s for the shortest version of the chain that is simply 28″ (70 cm)!

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Whether a series or a U-lock that’s but sixteen mm thick will really be cropped by bolt cutters, can rely upon the scale of the tool, the scale and skill of the thief and also the position of the lock. Keeping the lock as off from the bottom as doable makes it rather more troublesome for the outlaw. however, the chance of stealing from bolt cutters is extremely real for each U-locks and chains.

So, if you’re looking for a lock you’ll be able to carry around a day, sometimes an honest U-lock is healthier than a conveyable chain lock. U-locks supply additional security, at a higher value, while not sacrificing an excessive amount of utility. And if you are trying to raise the protection with a thicker chain, you apace lose practicality because they’re so heavy.

That’s to not say that U-locks are the simplest selection for everybody. If you wish additional lockup choices, a conveyable chain might be higher. you would possibly lock your bike around larger objects. otherwise, you would possibly lock quite one bike promptly.

Or, perhaps you only can’t deal with the rubbish frame mounts that keep company with most U-locks! It’s abundant easier to throw a series around your seat post than lurk with Associate in Nursing fiddly, unreliable, plastic bracket.

The most secure transportable chain is maybe the Kryptonite big apple Noose 1275. However, with twelve mm links, it’s still extremely significant. maybe the Abus CityChain 1010 (9 mm) or the Abus Granit CityChain (10 mm) are higher choices, reckoning on your security desires.

Best Chain lock :U-lock vs Chain lock

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