ABSTRACT: This article is written about the usage, benefits and all the good or bad effects caused by a Himalayan salt lamp so then from now onwards individuals can promote, prevents and suggest it for themselves and others too. By this article, they may get some very important information and in detail, so they may come to know about the reality of a Himalayan salt lamp that what in reality what impacts does this type of a lamp draws on human health, environment, surroundings, and others.

INTRODUCTION: Here, the usage that where and in what regions a Himalayan salt lamp is basically used and benefits from this lamp on human health will be discussed. Usage of the Himalayan salt lamp doesn’t really matter as the first as it is a part of our general knowledge but it is more important to learn that what are the effects of this lamp either it’s effective or not. Firstly let’s throw some light on the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp:


Cleansing and deodorizing of the air is the most well known or the common feature or benefit gained from a Himalayan salt lamp. As we have all have studied about black carbon in our science studies that a particle of black carbon extracts all the impurities from a particular solution choose to be pure.

In the same way, this lamp works as it purifies the air by removing all the dust, smoke, air pollutants as well as cigarette smoke from the air and makes it that much fresh which would be very healthy for human lungs.

Besides this that where all these excretions stored which are extracted from the air? All of those particles which are extracted from the air are trapped in the salt chunks used in inside the Himalayan salt lamp and it also prevents those article to get freed out again, as those particles get wasted and absorbed into the salt chunks time by time.


As we discussed before that it removes all the dust and other bad particles from the air and cleanses it so in addition to that it also helps to reduce allergy symptoms for a human body as well as it also helps the asthma patients.

Asthma is one of the serious illness diseases which are very bad for individuals with respect to some particular weathers or seasons. So while placing a Himalayan salt lamp in the room where we spend most of our time so a person who has asthma will notice a big difference in a few weeks.

It is scientifically proven that salt of this lamp has the power not just to absorb impurities but to reduce the activity like allergies and asthma. It is very useful for asthma patients and they should use it in order to attain a healthier life.



There is a deep complexity in understanding the relationship between a burning of a Himalayan salt lamp and ease of coughing but it actually matters. It is to be generally clear and most of the individuals probably know that our home, offices or wherever are we, are full of positive charge ions and when science involves in it so it clearly clarifies that positive charge ions are bad for trachea and the windpipe which is inside a human body are harms the lung which causes in inefficient coughing.

So, those positively charged ions are produced from the materials and devices present in our homes and are operated by electric. So when a Himalayan salt lamp is burned, it produces a lots of negatively charged ions which opposes the charges of positive ions produced by electronic devices and those negatively charged ions are very healthier for our lungs as well as they are very good for cilia 9(small microscopic hairs in a human nose which purifies the air).

In a beneficial addition to all these factors as the Himalayan salt, the lamp is purifying the air and increasing the level of oxygen so it also good for a human skin and makes it smoother.


It involves all the positive charged ions present in our homes and other places we spent time but with it, it is a common factor that negative ions does not only oppose the positive ions but also focuses on the energy levels of the body as on the other hand positive ions are not just harming the lungs but they are trapping all the energy of our body in them so these negative ions help to retain our body energy levels. Individuals who use Himalayan salt lamps regularly would be helpful to take some advice because they obviously feel some difference in life before and after the usage of the Himalayan salt lamp.


Life of human changes from past times to now. In early times there was less of use equipment occupied by electrics. Usually, the world present cannot run without the usage of an electronic device and it is also proven that furious use of electronic devices can lead us to d=severe health damages either the equipment are used directly or through the indirect medium.

So this feature is similar to a previous one that by the help of negative ions flew from Himalayan salt lamp helps to oppose the positive charges and decreases the chances of getting any serious illness like stress, hesitation, irregular irritation, abnormality in body’s immune response and many more factors.


The sleeping patterns are also interlinked with the ion complexity. As far as all of you are concerned so all of you might have noticed in resulting in irregular sleeping patterns which also results in failure of your performance at work, school or any other place.

It is because of the releasing of the positive ions from the electronic devices like mobile, computer and televisions which are mostly used by us nowadays and has become the basic necessity for a human.

So some people have adopted a routine that they Cant feel asleep as much as there is some medium of light present inside the bedroom either if it’s glowing of the Himalayan salt lamp, then what’s the cure?

It involves some intelligent and smart work in which we have to remain glowing of the Himalayan salt lamp for the entire day so it can oppose the charges as much as it can and at the bedtime eventually turn off the lamp. It will absorb all the particles carrying a positive charge and doesn’t let them disturb your sleeping cycle or patterns.


This part directly relates to general knowledge, so it is useful to know that the salt chunks used in the Himalayan salt lamps are edible means we can sometimes scrap some of the salt from it and can use in food or meals as it is not any more harmful and always provided benefits.

As far as it is concerned for the usage so they are widely used in the places which are naturally humid and modern cities which contains a lot of positive charge particles and especially at those houses which have a family illness of asthma.


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