How To Use WordPress Guide For Beginners

WordPress is a popular name among those who have ventured into website and/or blog creation for a lot of reasons. In a nutshell, WordPress is a free-to-download platform used for creating websites and blogs with the perks of it being easy-to-use and edit, search engine-friendliness (which means a lot for those who need a jumpstart with their SEO efforts), flexibility, and the myriad of plugins, extensions, and themes that are provided not only by the WordPress team but also by third-party developers who are part of the overall WordPress community.

For beginners, using a guide is essential to making sure that they’re doing the right thing when building their website. However, some guides can be especially tricky to follow, mostly because we all have our own definitions of “easy”. Some guides may touch on only the essential tools, while some may delve into the coding aspects of a WordPress website building.

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While there’s nothing wrong with following a guide that has a bit more complexity, it can be especially confusing and frustrating to follow when you barely have any background on coding languages or even HTML usage. And if you’re already hard-pressed for time, learning these can be an option you can’t really choose.

WordPress Guide

This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for you when it comes to learning about the workings of a WordPress website. Here’s an easy how-to-use WordPress guide for beginners which will orient you on the basics of WordPress tools and editing your website by Newt Labs.


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