What Your Body is Trying to Tell You?

Your body always sends signs and communicate with you that can reveal clues of certain instabilities and indications of illnesses.

To be able to interpret the body’s distress signals, there should be a deeper awareness and understanding of what the message means and if these signs persist, the intervention of a physician to expertly diagnose the problem behind the sign becomes an urgent need.

10 Ways Your Body is Telling You Something is Wrong

#1. Dryness

If you have thought that dry itchy skin is only due to dehydration then you are mistaken. It could also be a warning signal!

It could indicate vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, high BP, hormonal issues and even kidney issues. Maybe, you need oily fish, nuts and vegetable oils in your diet. Ask a doctor.

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#2. Gum Problems

When your gums bleed, you may first think that it could be due to brushing your teeth harshly, but it is a signal that you lack enough of vitamin C.


#3. Irritability

Maybe, it is not your partner’s fault. If you experience insomnia, leg cramps and irritability, it could be due to potassium and magnesium deficiency. Consider eating almonds, kale, spinach and even banana.


#4. Incurable hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids that don’t react to medication and treatments may actually be signs of Crohn’s disease. There is a form of Crohn’s disease that manifests in the anal area and can be mistaken for hemorrhoids. It can lead to the bowel blockage, excruciating fissures, and even colon cancer.

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#5. Unreasonable bursts of anger

Bursts of anger may not only mean uncontrolled temper. It can mean a more serious, long-term kind of depression. Random irritability and anger, coupled with elevated heartbeat may need to be diagnosed by the doctor and managed in order to avert more harmful thoughts and actions.


#6. Heavy snoring

Don’t just consider snoring as a sign of apnea, which is related to the danger of heart disease. People who snore with no sleep apnea are actually showing signs of possible stroke and heart attack.

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#7. Impotence

Having erectile dysfunction (ED) is not an embarrassing signal that should be ignored, or kept a secret. Men who are 45 and older have to see a doctor to be evaluated for heart disease, especially if there is family history.


#8. The eyes look different

If there is a white colored ring around the cornea of the eyes, it is a sign of high cholesterol for people aged 30-40. Younger people seeing this ring should see a doctor for a cholesterol test.


#9. Big belly

Having a big belly is a common sign that the person may be a heavy drinker. However, it may also be a sign of having Type 2 diabetes. The fat accumulated in the abdomen hinders the body’s natural insulin to work inefficiently.


#10. Changes in bathroom habits

These signs may sound simple and are often ignored, but they may be a precursor to some kind of cancer. Change in the frequency of peeing may be a sign of prostate or bladder cancer. Diarrhea, constipation, and irregular bowel movement may be warning signs of colon or ovarian cancer.

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