Women in India Earn Money 25% Less Than Men

India Earn MoneyMUMBAI: Gender pay gap in India stands at 25%, where men earned a median gross hourly salary of Rs. 345.8, in comparison women earned only Rs. 259.8, according to the Monster Salary Index (MSI) data from 2016. ( Women in India Earn Money 25% Less Than Men ).

The gap has narrowed by two percentage points from 27.2% in 2015 and is closer to the 24.1% in 2014. Analysing the employment intensive sectors, the index derives that the average gender pay gap in the manufacturing sector stood at 29.9%. This is an improvement of 5 percentage points from 2015, however the highest in India.

This was followed by a 25.8% pay gap in the IT sector. The gender pay gap in the BFSI sector was at 21.5%, slightly under the general gender pay gap in India (25%). In education and research sector, on the other hand, the average gender pay gap was at 14.7%.

Sanjay Modi, managing director, APAC & Middle-East, Monster.com said, “In India, the gender pay gap story holds true and the overall gap across India Inc. is at 25%.

This primarily is a manifestation of the underlying diversity challenges that organisations currently face.

There is a dire need for tangible initiatives to bridge this pay gap with removing structural impediments to women’s growth providing access to skills training, jobs; and decision-making.”

The survey aimed at understanding the working women of India and their workplace concerns broadly was categorised under the parameters of- workplace, growth and safety. The survey was conducted on Monster India’s database capturing responses from over 2,000 working women.


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