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Wikipedia is a free and famous encyclopedia, which has more than 36 million articles in 250 different languages. Currently, it has become the largest and most reliable source of information on the internet. English Wikipedia alone has over five million articles and is the sixth most visited website on the internet.

Ryan Johnson, the Semalt Customer Support Manager, states that before Wikipedia’s creation, the largest and best record of knowledge was the Yongle Encyclopedia, which is said to contain 22,935 manuscript rolls. When Jimmy Wales created the website in 2001, Wikipedia’s original version was available to everyone on the internet. Today, it has over half a million people visiting Wikipedia’s different pages on a monthly basis. More than 80,000 volunteers edit its pages regularly, and numerous people have never known the internet without Wikipedia. It is linked to other websites and blogs in a large number.

Wiki CreationTeachers, researchers, journalists, students, and medical professionals depend on Wikipedia because of its accurate information. We can search almost all topics on this encyclopedia, and the experts have used its data for predicting things from blockbuster films to the stock exchange rates. With time, various writers and editors have come forward and edited Wikipedia’s pages in multiple languages. Civil servants, politicians, actors, and all types of people use it as the primary source of information on the internet. Even the former IBM head who made over 47,000 edits of the words ‘comprised of’ calls Wikipedia as the best website.

Unlike Google, Facebook and Apple, Wikipedia is not a profitable giant on the internet. For instance, Apple Inc. has recorded the best and biggest annual profit in corporate history and has won the loyalty of global clients because of its refined services and products.

On the other hand, Wikipedia has always been the no-frills and sparse text-based website with lots of articles published every day. This volunteer-driven encyclopedia operates as a major non-profit organization in the world, which is largely sustained via donations from the global community. Wikipedia has always set new records and has introduced new ideas of advertising through its sponsored pages and links.

Although Wikipedia is not raking in any profit, it has disrupted the arrays of business models and social media in recent months, ranging from school education to the publishing of articles. Wikipedia is often accused of destructing the economic models, and it is guilty of removing the outdated data and giving space to updated information.

Wiki Creation

It’s important for Wikipedia to focus on accuracy and it has to stay relevant for all ages. No doubt, Wikipedia has transformed the way we search articles on the internet, but it still has lots of flaws. Thus, it needs to reach a point where there is no room for inaccurate and wrong information.

Adapting to the mobile technology should be its priority since lots of people use mobile devices to access the internet. If Wikipedia wants to achieve the desired goals, it should make itself accessible through all devices and in all languages. In just fifteen years, Wikipedia has become the best and biggest collaborative effort of humanity. Its dynamic records of history mean nothing will be washed away in future.

Our World After Wiki Creation


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