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EFriends is rapidly growing and providing more access to the readers/webworms. We always welcome and appreciate the technical writers with love, who are willing to contribute their knowledge and experience with the golden words for our community.

Types of Guest Blogging

  • Free Guest Blog – you can submit you article and we will publish it.
  • Paid Guest Blog – When talking about the paid guest blogging, we provide two do-follow links also add’s about the author. Instant approval within a day, and after the payment confirmation only. Don’t forget to mention in the subject regarding paid. ( Example for the subject line – “Requesting for the paid guest blog”)
  • Link Exchange Guest Blog – In the link exchange, EFriends provides the do-follow link with free of cost, when we get a backlink from your website.
  • Link Adding (Paid) – Most people won’t have resources or time to write the content which actually meets your requirement, in such cases if you find any existing blog that relates to you, on that EFriends provide you with the do-follow link.
  • Apart from the guest blogging, we also provide the spaces for Advertising.

Advantages of submitting your blog post at EFriends.

  • Increases the relevant backlinks.
  • Improves search engine rankings.
  • Build authority and relation in the targeted industry.
  • Increase the website traffic from every corner of the world.

Publications Guidelines for Passionate Bloggers

  • We accept only 100% original content which was not published anywhere in the search engine.
  • The blog should be with perfect grammar and strong writing skills.
  • Blog post size should have a minimum of 800 words. And can contain up to 1500 words too.
  • Please make sure that the irrelevant backlinks will be removed.
  • Please ensure to add banner images for every blog post with the size of 700*390 with the article.
  • The preferred format for article submission is in a word document and send the images as an attachment.
  • Also, include a photo, an author bio, and also social media profiles of the candidate with a minimum of four to five sentences.
  • The banner image should not be copied and if it is copied please mention the source of it.
  • Apart from technical we also accept the success story of the companies, entrepreneurs, personal experience, and any other relevant ideas.
  • Must and should be included with an internal link from our website.
  • Our team will able to take a minimum of 3 days to approve it. However, if it exceeds more than 5 days, we apologize to you for not being able to approve it.
  • We are forbidden to post or publish content porn, gambling, insulting, racist, sexist, and other offensive content.

Rules and Regulation for Search engine friendly blog.

  • Please use the target keyword in the headings, and in the first paragraph of content.
  • Add headings, sub-headings, bold, italic, unordered list, etc., while posting the blog to make it more engaging.
  • Please write the meta description about the blog with a minimum of 300 to 350 characters length.

What EFriends provide for you?

  • We provide a separate author page with photographs, backlinks, and identity in the search engine for the candidate who is having the number of posts.
  • Blogs will be marketed in a social media profile.

Advanced Guest Post Search Queries

Here are the lists of higher Search Operators for guest posting.

  • Write For Us Technology Guest Post
  • Write For Us Technology Article Post
  • Write For Us Technology Content Post
  • Contribute to Technology Guest Post
  • Contribute to Technology Article Post
  • Mobile app development + “write for us”
  • iPhone App Development + “write for us”
  • Android App Development + “write for us”
  • Digital Marketing + “write for us”
  • Web Development + “write for us”
  • Augmented Reality + “write for us”
  • AR + “write for us”
  • Virtual Reality + “write for us”
  • VR + “write for us”
  • Internet of Things + “write for us”
  • IoT + “write for us”
  • Big Data + “write for us”
  • Lifestyle + “write for us”

This has been written in order to let you know that Images used by you in EFriends should be of your own copyrights only !!

If someone would file any legal issues against images used by you in EFriends, then the only author would be responsible for it if images used would not be having your own copyrights.

Whenever you create an account on EFriends , according to terms and conditions being specified in it which states that images used by you would be of your own copyrights only.

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